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Our Company
Founded in Budapest, Expat World (EW) is a provider of global relocation services, which has never been more important to corporations or individuals on the move.
EW's goal is to create something more valuable than a traditional relocation and immigration consultancy. We offer one professional place,  a  “one-stop-shop”, which brings you domestic and international solutions for relocation procedures, global assignments, full-service departure and destination services. In recreating the role of personal consultant, EW takes care of individual needs with professionalism, openness and continuous improvement. You can always feel confident that our personal consultants have the professional experience and knowledge to manage and support your project by consistently maintaining high quality standards. Therefore we can assure, that you will only be offered services that you really need.
Let our diversely experienced Team help you find the key solutions to feel truly at home in Hungary!


Our People
Expat World's basic values are to be open, proactive and responsible. All members of our
Team are motivated, experienced and knowledgeable agents with their fingers on the pulse of Hungary.
We believe in our company's goals, values and philosophy of never accepting the concept of "impossible". As consultants for you, we can all offer the shared experience of moving and living abroad; therefore, we can empathize with knowing how important it is to have someone you can trust to help you face the difficulties and challenges of moving to a new country.
Our Responsibility
Our company takes part in community responsibilities such as supporting and attending charity events and foundations, and we participate in eco-friendly, "green" solutions in our own office.
We also put emphasize on supporting the ever-growing community by providing a chance each year to participate in our professional internship programs to help youngs in their business infancy.
Our goal is to create something more valuable than a traditional
Relocation Consultancy
"We have been very happy and satisfied with their support and services. They have been resonably priced.... and always flexible, reacting quickly, keeping us fully up-to-date, providing constant advices. "
AB Inbev
„Amazing team, they made the impossible “possible” with getting my Russian visa within such a short time. They really go for the extra mile for their clients with a very professional manner. Highly recommended for anyone who needs relocation help!

Joice D., San Diego, US 

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